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About Us

Our Story

How is a modern eyewear icon born?

— Definitely not by repeating what already exists!

So when we started Walton & Mortimer, we knew that we wanted to do things differently. In a world dominated by mass produced, generic designs, we set out to craft custom design eyewear to our customers’ craziest desires.

And that insane bet payed off. Soon we were making luxury frames and sunglasses for men and women who wanted nothing but the most exclusive and exceptional glasses money could buy. Our bespoke eyewear collections had hit a dry spot in the high-end of the luxury market.

After crafting unique, one-off bespoke shades and frames to our customers order specifications with huge success for 8 years, we have found our style. A style catering to the customers seeking distinction, exclusivity, and the extraordinary in terms of design, quality, and craftsmanship.

That turned into our extremely limited edition “Number One” collection of Haute Couture eyewear. Every model was made in just 99 units, making these sunglasses sought after collectors items.

We’re inspired by the individuals who never settle — in life or when it comes to luxury products. We create the shades for the people who dare to live out their dreams, and not follow others. — You’re the icon!