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Shipping Policy

Where We Deliver

Walton & Mortimer’s online store delivers globally. If you have any concerns or problems receiving your item please contact us at We will respond as soon as possible.

Delivery Times & Costs

Walton & Mortimer’s online store uses Fedex/DHL/POSTNL express service with signature required for all orders internationally, depending on the fastest route. Orders placed before 12pm GMT will be dispatched on the same day. Any orders placed after 12pm will be dispatched the next business day. Shipping is free of charge Internationally. Please refer to estimated delivery times below: UK – 1-3 business days EU – 1-4 business days US – 3-6 business days China – 4-7 business days Australia – 5-7 business days Rest of the world – 3-7 business days Please note that delivery times are used as a guide only. Walton & Mortimer doesn't take responsibility for any delays due to customs clearance or if there are any payment issues.

International Delivery (Excluding EU,UK)

Please note that your order might face additional charges upon import clearance at the country of destination. Walton & Mortimer’s online shop displays prices free of any duty and taxes, hence prices appear lower than in the EU or UK dedicated online store - customers from outside the UK, EU are liable to pay local duties and taxes. Walton & Mortimer ships all orders from the Netherlands. When items are shipped from overseas into the delivery country, it is considered an importation and must be cleared by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). When an individual or company purchases goods from an overseas supplier, CBP considers them the ultimate importer. If you have any concerns over this procedure, we advise you to visit your country's governmental website and seek information on importation, duty and tax charges.

Delivery To The US

Walton & Mortimer’s online store delivers to every state including the islands. Delivery time various from 3 to 7 working days. Orders placed before 12pm EST will be dispatched on the same day. Any orders placed after 12pm will be dispatched the next business day.

Delivery To Russia

Walton & Mortimer does offer delivery to Russia. To proceed with shipment, following requirements have to be met: order value must be under €1000, you have to provide full name as it appears on your passport and your passport number. Walton & Mortimer ships to Russia on a DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis. This means that no taxes and duties are included in the final purchase price. Please note that shipments to Russia are subject to restrictions, delays and local duties and taxes up to 50% of the total price paid. You will be invoiced for these costs directly by our shipping partner. Walton & Mortimer is unable to advise on the exact cost of customs duty. Payment of these is necessary to release your order from customs on arrival.

Delivery To China

Customers from outside the UK, EU are liable to pay local duties and taxes; therefore, these are not included in the final purchase price in our international store. Please note, that Walton & Mortimer does not have the ability to declare a different value when shipping your order and will not tolerate requests to assist in avoiding paying local duties and taxes, as this is considered a legal offence. All online orders are being shipped from The Netherlands. International delivery is considered an importation and must be cleared by the Chinese Customs Authorities. Once the item arrives within the Chinese Customs, the receiver will be contacted by our shipping partner. The standard rate for importing goods into China is 17%, however this is not guaranteed and is subject to change. Delivery times may vary depending on the shipment destination and value and may be delayed as a result of customs clearance. Please account for extra time and ensure you are available to provide any additional information to the Chinese Customs and Border Authorities.  Average transit times are as follows: Beijing: 4 - 8 days Shanghai: 4 - 6 days Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou: 5 – 6 days Hong Kong and Macau: 2 - 3 days For more information about Chinese Customs rules and regulations, please visit the Chinese Customs website directly, here.

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